TV Review: Hoff The Record

When you think of David Hasselhoff, a lot of things come to mind; TV icon, movie star, singer, reality star. Comedian? Not so much.

New series Hoff The Record sees Hasselhoff move into new territory. Following the lead of Matt LeBlanc’s fictionalised reality Episodes and using The Office’s cinéma vérité filming style, Hoff The Record has David play a more extreme, outrageous version of himself.

Set under the premise of trying to revive his fading career across the ditch in England, Hasselhoff finds himself in completely unbelievable situations, that thanks to brilliant writing, acting and camera technique, actually border on believable. The first episode sees Hasselhoff compete for a part playing himself in a biopic about himself. Easy you might think, as does he, but as showbiz goes, it’s not always that simple.

If there’s one thing evidenced by Hoff The Record, it’s that David Hasselhoff is not afraid to laugh at himself. Many jokes are made at David’s expense and not appears to be off limits, as even his infamous cheeseburger video gets a shoutout.

Alongside Hasselhoff, the greatest asset at Hoff The Record‘s disposal is a collection of eccentric and charismatic supporting characters. From David’s excitable and uncensored driver to his unqualified assistant and hapless agent, each character brings their own style of humour. Introduced throughout the season is Dieter, David’s fictional German son from a past encounter. The inclusion of this father/son dynamic ensures that, while ridiculously funny, the show still has a lot of heart.

Hoff The Record is not for the faint-hearted or those who are easily offended. It is a gritty, boundary-testing show. The incorporation of a storyline featuring a Middle Eastern war lord midway through the series should give you enough insight into its no-holds-bar approach.

It has many laugh out loud moments, both from large physical comedy to more subtle jokes. On paper it may not seem like the most appealing new television show of 2015, but on screen it shines.

Hoff The Record premieres on Dave at 9pm on the 18th of June.



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