The 1975 Are Back – And Pink?

June 1st, 2015;

Record breaking band The 1975 disappeared from social media, after posting a cryptic comic strip.


For months lead singer Matty Healy has been alluding to the date, yet nobody was quite sure what to come. After a 24 hour black out, The 1975 are back, but not in the way we’ve become so accustomed.

Fans have been scrambling to make sense of the new pink theme, and have found a connection to the “pink rebellion”; a youth revolt and rebellion against the French government in 1968 by students who used art to make their voices heard. “Be young and shut up”, as seen on the comic strip, translates to “sois jeune et tais toi”, the slogan used by the rebellion. It appears that this band, who have assembled a strong youth following, are rebelling – presumably against the commercialism and superficiality of modern art and music.

While it’s not known what is to come next from The 1975, or when, there is no denying that this publicity stunt has launched them back into the spotlight after some very quiet months. One of the most appealing things about The 1975 is it’s music as a brand, as an art-form. There has never been a band like them. After debuting at the top of the charts in 2013 and becoming the hardest touring band of the past five years, The 1975 have put themselves in a position to pretty much do whatever they like, and be constantly supported along the way. This ‘new era’ of sorts, has clearly been in development for a long time, and it is going to be interesting to see exactly how it plays out.


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