Film Review: Spy

It would be fair to assume that new action comedy film Spy is just another in a long line of films that adhere to the secret agent comedy film genre. Though, unlike many of its predecessors, there is a woman at the helm, and not just any woman.

Melissa McCarthy continues to prove that she really is one of the best comedic actresses of our time. She has the ability to completely own every character she takes on and dominate a film in a way that makes her a perfect leading lady. From sweet and sensible to foul-mouthed and, quite frankly, a total badass, the character of Susan Cooper may just be one of the best female roles to come out of Hollywood in recent years.

A major standout of Spy comes in the form of well-known action star Jason Statham. While he seems like a go-to pick for every action film out there, audiences have never seen him quite like this. With impeccable comedic timing and playing a character that you’re not sure if you love or hate, Statham showcases his versatility and range.

Meanwhile, casting Jude Law as an American may seem an odd choice, and yet the actor manages to make it convincing. (While also reminding everybody that his heartthrob status is very much still in tact.) In fact, the entire film is flawlessly cast. From rude and ruthless Rose Byrne to hapless Miranda Hart, every character is perfectly crafted and presented.

It really does have everything you could ever want in a comedy action film. Witty and original humour, a bit of violence and a whole lot of action. The writing in particular, holds the film together. While full of ‘laugh out loud’ moments, it still manages to have a lot of heart and yet not go overboard on either. I simply cannot imagine anybody not enjoying Spy.

Paul Feig is known for his strong, empowered and well developed female characters. Spy plays no differently. With a predominantly female cast, much like his recent hit Bridesmaids, it is one of a kind and is sure to stand the test of time. Though, not be outdone, the men in the film still manage to hold their own, providing some much needed backbone. Even 50 cent makes an appearance or two.

I cannot recommend this film enough. It has quickly become one of my top picks of 2015 and I would urge you to go see it as soon as possible. If the idea of Melissa McCarthy throwing grown men across a room isn’t enough to tempt you, just think of Jason Statham wearing a fake moustache and aviators.

Spy; out in the UK on June 5, 2015

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