New Music: Crying Game – Cady Groves

One of the greatest things about music, is its ability to tell a story; its ability to connect with so many different people in their own unique and personal way.

Releasing her first song since 2013, singer Cady Groves lets the music speak for itself with her new heartbreaking ballad Crying Game. Once a budding popstar, Groves lays it all on the line for the fans who have watched her struggle through loss, grief, and a failed record deal.

Cady Groves is hard to box, with a voice that sits somewhere between pop, country and folk, but one thing cannot be denied; the girl oozes talent. Now, if you are not familiar with the Oklahoma City native, it’s about time that changed; as Crying Game is just the first of many songs that she will be releasing once a month between now and July.


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